Do you live in Finland and work in another Nordic country as an artiste or sportsman? 

Do you live in Finland and receive income sourced in another Nordic country derived from personal activity as a sportsperson or performing artist? The following information only applies to this type of earned income.

Taxation in another Nordic country

If you work in another Nordic country as a sportsman or performing artist, that Nordic country has the right to tax your income derived from your work.

Taxation in Finland

Income from work in another Nordic country is not only taxed in the Nordic country concerned, but also in Finland. The foreign tax is in Finland deducted from the Finnish tax on the same income.

Declare the income in line Other income from foreign sources of the Pre-Completed Tax Return form. Use tax form "liitelomake 16" (only in Finnish and Swedish)  to give full details on your work and the foreign tax paid.

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