Do you live in Finland and have interest income/interest expenses in another Nordic country?

This applies to you who live in Finland and have interest income or expenses in another Nordic country. This information only concerns taxation of this type of income.

Interest income

According to the Nordic tax convention, only Finland can tax interest income from another Nordic country. The tax rate is 30 or 34 %. 

If tax has been withheld erroneously in the another Nordic country, please contact the payer of interest or the tax authority in the another country. Report Nordic-sourced interest on form 16B or via MyTax.

In some rare cases, a Finnish intermediary of the interest payment has withheld tax on it and reported the fact to the Finnish tax authority.  If this concerns you, the Nordic-sourced interest income is already recorded in the Pre-Completed Tax Return, and you will only have to check that the amounts are correct. 

Interest to pay

If a loan has been taken in another country, a Finnish tax resident will be entitled to deductions for the interest payments on the loan in the same way and under the same restrictions as with domestic loans.

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