Registers Iceland

Those planning to shift their domicile to Iceland, or to come to the country to work for a limited time (max 183 days), must register at the offices of Registers Iceland or the offices of the municipality in which they reside. A change of address must be registered within 7 days of arrival in Iceland.The offices of Registers Iceland are located at Borgartún 24, 105 Reykjavik and Hafnarstræti 107, 600 Akureyri. Read more about this at

National ID No.

Those who is registered in Iceland will be given an personal identity number. The number consist of ten digits. The first six digits indicates the date of birth (year, month, day) and the last four are check digits. Those that have been given e personal identity number will keep that number for life.

Co-ordination number

Those who live in another Nordic country and plan to work in Iceland for a short time (under 183 days), can apply for a Co-ordination number in Iceland at the Registers Iceland if their employer pay a Social security fee for them in Iceland.
They can not apply themselves, the employer has to do it. The Co-ordination number gives no rights in Iceland and has nothing to do with residence permit.