Tax assessment notice

The tax assessment notice contains the final calculation of the amount you need to pay in tax for the previous year. In the tax assessment notice, you can also find information about your income and tax-free deductions and allowances. The Dansih tax agency has received this information from your employer(s), unemployment insurance fund, trade union, bank and others.

The tax assessment notice shows how much you owe in tax for the previous year, how the Danish tax agency has calculated the amount, and how much you have already paid throughout the year.

It is your responsibility to check that the figures in the tax assessment notice are correct and whether all relevant information is included. You can make changes to your tax assessment notice by logging on to Skattestyrelsen self-service E-tax (TastSelv) at using either your NemID or E-tax password (TastSelv-kode).

Outstanding tax or tax refund

You can find information about how to pay outstanding tax and how overpaid tax is refunded at If you have paid too much tax throughout the year, the Danish tax agency automatically transfers the money to your NemKonto.