Danish National Register (Folkeregistret)

You must report your move, when you move to or from Denmark.


Moving to Denmark

If you are planning to stay in Denmark for more than 6 months, you must report your move to Denmark no later than 5 days after entering Denmark.

You must appear in person at the Citizens Services Centre (Borgerservice) in the municipality that you are moving to. You must bring your documentation for your citizenship (E.g. passport) and documentation for your social security number from the country that you are moving from.

This also applies to Danish citizens, who move back to Denmark. If you move to Denmark together with your family, all family members must appear in person.

Read more about moving to Denmark.


Moving to another Nordic Country

If you move from Denmark to another Nordic country, you must also report this to your Danish relocation municipality before moving.

When the Danish National register receives information from the other Nordic country, you will be registered as moved out of Denmark.


Civil registration number

Everyone who becomes registered with the Danish National Register will receive a civil registration number.

The civil registration number is a ten-digit number. The first six digits indicate your date of birth (DDMMYY) and the last four digits are a serial number.

If you once have been giving a civil registration number you will keep the same number for your entire life and should use it in all contact with the Danish authorities.

If you do not live in Denmark, but receives taxable income from Denmark, you must have a personal tax number and a tax card.  If you afterward move to Denmark the number will be changed to a civil registration number. Read more about getting a tax card.