Do you live in Denmark and do you hold shares in another Nordic country?

This applies to you who live in Denmark and own shares in another Nordic country, and concerns taxation of such income only. This information only applies to income from shares and units in unit trusts.


Taxation in Denmark

When you receive dividend from shares etc. from another country, such dividends are taxed as share dividends in Denmark. If such dividends are also taxed in the country where the divend payment originates from, double taxation is eliminated by reducing the Danish tax by the tax paid in the other Nordic country but by no more than 15 procent.

The term "dividend" refers to dividends from shares or unit trust certificates.

You are obliged to declare thes foreign incomes. Paid foreign taxes should be declared and has to be documented subsequently if required.

Taxation in the country of payment

Dividend is taxed in the country of payment by a maximum of 15 procent according to the Nordic double-taxation treaty.

If you have paid more than 15 procent in dividend tax in another Nordic country, you can have the overpaid tax paid refunded. Contact the tax administration in the other Nordic country for further information.

Capital gains on shares

Taxation in Denmark

When you are resident in Denmark, gains on sale of shares etc. are taxed in Denmark. You can find more information on - Aktier og værdipapirer (Shares and other securities).

If you have been resident in another Nordic country within the last 10 years, you may also be tax liable to that country od capital gains from shares etc. you owend at the time of moving. If taxation also takes place in the other country, Denmark must eliminate the doble taxation. This is done by reducing the Danish tax by the paid in the other Nordic country. However, the credit can not exceed the calculated Danish tax of the foreign income.

If you leave Denmark and your full tax liability ends or you become tax resident in another Nordic country, you become tax liable of unrealized capital gains on shares etc. in the income year in which the relocation occurs.

Dividend as well as capital gains from shares etc. is taxable as equity income.


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