Do you live in another Nordic country and own a real estate in Denmark?

This applies to you who live in another Nordic country and own real property in Denmark. By real estate is here meant a one-family house, a two-family house, a flat or a holiday home.

This information only applies to taxation of real estate.

Real property in Denmark

If you are resident in another Nordic country and own real property in Denmark, you will be tax-liable in Denmark and must pay property value tax and property tax (land tax) to the municipality in which the property is situated.

Rental income

If you let the property, you must pay tax on the profit from the letting activities. Read more in the leaflet Rental Property at – Bolig og ejendomme

Sale of real property

If you have owned and used (lived in) the property so that you meet the conditions for tax-free sale proceeds, the proceeds are tax-free in Denmark.

Read more information at - Salg af bolig

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