Do you live in another Nordic country and receive pension from Denmark?

This applies to you who live in another Nordic country and who receives pensions from Denmark. This information only applies taxation of this income.

Tax in Denmark

You must pay tax in Denmark on your Danish pension. This applies in all situations.

If you only receive pension from Denmark, your final statement should be ready in Tastselv in March the following year. If you do not have access to Tastselv you will receive your final statement by post. If you have not received your final statement no later than the May 1, please contact The danish tax agency. You can find your TastSelv on

Taxation in the country of residence

The pension may also be taxable in your country of residence. If you are taxed both in Denmark and in your country of residence, the country of residence must grant a relief for the double taxation. You must therefore always enter your foreign income on the income tax return in your country of residence.


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