Do you live in Denmark and work in another Nordic country as an artiste or sportsman?

This applies to you who live in Denmark and who work as an artist or sportsman in another Nordic country and concerns taxation of your earned income only. The information is only about this income.  

Taxation in the country of work

If you live in Denmark and work as an artist or an athlete in another Nordic country, you normally pay tax in the country of work.

Taxation in Denmark

When you live in Denmark, you are subject to unlimited tax liability to Denmark. In your tax return, you must include all income from Denmark and abroad.

The income is also taxable in Denmark and must always be declared in your danish tax return. To avoid double taxation you are entitled to claim a deduction from your danish tax for the tax you have paid in the other country (credit). This deduction is limited to the share of the danish tax on your total income that relates to the income that is taxable abroad.

You must declare your income and deductions every year. In some cases, you get an automatic annual statement, and in other cases you must fill in a tax return to get a correct tax assessment notice.

You can specify your tax return in Skattestyrelsens self-service system, E-tax (TastSelv) at (in Danish), where you have to log on using either your NemID or E-tax password (TastSelv-kode).

If you have income from abroad, you will receive an extended tax return with a section for the foreign income. Here you have to declare the information from abroad as the Danish Tax agency does not receive reports from abroad.

You must include your income from your foreign employer and deductions that relate to your payroll income, e.g. Deduction for transport. This can also be done at Skattestyrelsens self-service system E-tax (TastSelv).

For more information please visit the section Generel information – Selvangivelsen or at – ”Bor du i Danmark og arbejder i udlandet”.

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