accommodation accommodation
accounting accounting
additional tax/tax surcharge additional tax/tax surcharge
administrative assistance administrative assistance
advance/withholding/preliminary tax advance/withholding/preliminary tax
agreement agreement
allowance allowance
annual control information annual control information
apartment apartment
apartment in a housing cooperative (Denmark, Norway, Iceland) apartment in a housing cooperative (Denmark, Norway, Iceland)
appeal appeal
approval approval
assets assets
association association
authority authority

bankruptcy bankruptcy
basic deduction in municipal taxation (Finland) basic deduction in municipal taxation (Finland)
basis for advance tax (Denmark, Finland) basis for advance tax (Denmark, Finland)
bookkeeping bookkeeping
business activity business activity

capital capital
capital gains capital gains
car benefit car benefit
case case
certificate certificate
charge on overdue payment charge on overdue payment
child benefit child benefit
child maintenance payment child maintenance payment
church tax church tax
citizen, national citizen, national
claim claim
collect collect
collective agreement collective agreement
commuter commuter
compensation compensation
confirm confirm
convention on mutual assistance convention on mutual assistance
corporation tax corporation tax
creditor creditor
cross-border commuter cross-border commuter

daily allowance daily allowance
debt debt
debt settlement agreement debt settlement agreement
debtor debtor
decision decision
deduction deduction
deduction for interest paid deduction for interest paid
deduction for pension insurance premium paid deduction for pension insurance premium paid
deduction for spouse (Denmark) deduction for spouse (Denmark)
deduction for travel expenses deduction for travel expenses
destraint destraint
destraint on salary destraint on salary
disability pension disability pension
dividend dividend
double dwelling double dwelling
double residence double residence
double taxation double taxation

employer's social security contribution employer's social security contribution
employment contract employment contract
enclose enclose
end of year certificate end of year certificate
enterprise enterprise

fee fee
free board and lodging free board and lodging
fringe benefits fringe benefits
full-time job full-time job
furnishing of security furnishing of security

health insurance health insurance
holiday home holiday home
holiday pay holiday pay
housing benefit housing benefit

income income
interest income interest income
interest on overdue payment interest on overdue payment
investment fund investment fund

labour market contribution (tax, Denmark) labour market contribution (tax, Denmark)
leave of absence leave of absence
legislation legislation
liability liability
liability to provide information liability to provide information
limitation (by the lapse of time) limitation (by the lapse of time)
limited liability company limited liability company

maintenance payment maintenance payment
municipal property fee (Iceland, Sweden) municipal property fee (Iceland, Sweden)
municipal tax municipal tax

national insurance national insurance
non-resident identification number (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) non-resident identification number (Denmark, Norway, Sweden)

occupational pension occupational pension
old-age pension old-age pension

parental benefit parental benefit
parental leave parental leave
partnership partnership
pay slip pay slip
pension insurance pension insurance
pension saving pension saving
personal exemption/allowance personal exemption/allowance
personal identity number personal identity number
population register population register
postponement postponement
private pension insurance private pension insurance
property value tax (Denmark) property value tax (Denmark)
property/real estate tax property/real estate tax

real property/real estate real property/real estate
receipt receipt
refund/reimburse refund/reimburse
reminder reminder
rent rent
rental income rental income
rented apartment/ house rented apartment/ house
request request
resident resident
residual tax residual tax
respite respite
retirement pension (Sweden) retirement pension (Sweden)

secrecy provisions secrecy provisions
self-employment self-employment
self-owned apartment self-owned apartment
self-owned dwelling self-owned dwelling
set-off set-off
severance pay severance pay
shareholder shareholder
simple accommodation (Norway) simple accommodation (Norway)
social benefits social benefits
society society
state tax state tax
statement of earnings statement of earnings
stationed/posted stationed/posted
student grant/loan student grant/loan
supplimentary payment of advance tax supplimentary payment of advance tax

tax tax
tax appeal board tax appeal board
tax assessment notice tax assessment notice
tax audit tax audit
tax card tax card
tax credit tax credit
tax exemption (Denmark) tax exemption (Denmark)
tax liability tax liability
tax reduction (Iceland, Sweden) tax reduction (Iceland, Sweden)
tax refund tax refund
tax return tax return
tax value (real property/estate) tax value (real property/estate)
tenant-owners flat (Sweden, Iceland) tenant-owners flat (Sweden, Iceland)
trade union fee trade union fee

unemployment benefit unemployment benefit

working at home working at home